by Rodney Liwanag

Here is a fairly basic backpack for those outdoor types who wouldn't mind making their own gear and go through the trouble of putting their hands (and feet) to work with scissors and a sewing machine. For the sake of simplicity, I'll dub our project as the LAB (for Lightweight Adventure Backpack). This actually came into being after I constructed the "van Peski" pack or the GVP G4 pack posted at a site some time ago. And yeah, I was able to download a copy of the instructions and diagrams. Unfortunately, the site is currently unavailable and I believe the authors are updating and rewriting the instructions.
I had great success with the van Peski pack project, in fact I have already made three of them with each subsequent model sporting improvements in comfort and utility. The next step for me was to conceive of a pack similar to the former but smaller in size (good for up to 3 days max of lightweight backpacking) and one that has a lid cum pocket to cover and secure the top opening. Yes, I know that this addition will add weight but a hiker friend of mine insisted of putting a lid on the van Peski-type of pack. He actually liked my homemade GVP pack that he asked me to build one for him but with the lid on it. I also adopted the way a ground pad is attached to the pack, which also serves as the frame. Ditto for the front no-see-um mesh pocket. Some of the major innovations I added were primarily focused on the hipbelt area. They are the load-transfering system (LTF) and the ability of the webbing hipbelt to be completely extricated from the pack.

The 2,300 cu. in., 14 oz.
Lightweight Adventure
Backpack (LAB)