by Rodney Liwanag


The lid/top pocket is a bit complicated to construct because in involves the use of zippers and panel cutouts for articulation. The top pockets are made from two types of material: the one at the rear is made of mesh (heavier weave than no-see-um) and the front is made of fabric. Since they are sewn together, there is a fabric divider in between to prevent contents from mixing with one another. I used # 3 zippers for access but if you feel that it isn't strong enough for your needs, than go for a bigger zip (# 5). First, study the layout of the components as shown in photo 17 and in figures 16 & 17 and figure out how they connect with one another.

Photo 17Figure 16Figure 17
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Start off by constructing the zipper assembly. Cut the #3 nylon coil zippers (2 pcs.) according to figure 17. Insert the corresponding zipper sliders (i.e. zipper pulls) one per into the coil zip and yes, it's easier done than said. All right? If it is your first time to do this, it may take a bit of effort to get the right technique because of the small size of the # 3 zip. Next, sew the zipper fabric extensions to the ends with about 3/8" seam (figure 18). One zip is slightly shorter than the other and sew this to the straight edge of the panel for the fabric pocket. Be sure to center them with one another prior to sewing. They are sewn in a similar fashion to the way the fabric zip ends you just did a while ago, only this time you are sewing along the length of the zip.

Figure 18
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Next, sew the longer zipper to the mesh panel at the zipper line specified in figure 17. The construction is similar to the previous discussion but here; the zipper is sewn within the mesh panel (not at any of the side). Cut at the zipper line then sew the zip. Cut off any excess fabric zip extension/ends.


You should have something similar to photo 18 (right portion). Sew the curved edge of the divider to the shorter zip at the mesh side.

Photo 18
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To construct the articulation for the top pockets, for each cut-out (V- and square-cut) bring together the edges inside out and just sew a straight line along the length of the cut (about 3/8" from the edge. Then finish the pocket assembly by folding the edges 1/4" inwards all around.


Sew the 3/4" SR buckle to the front tip of the lid as shown in photo 18 (left portion).


Be sure to mark the outline for the top pocket on the lid fabric. This would serve as your guide when sewing the "finished" (folded inwards and sewn) edges of the top pocket assembly.


Open the zipper of the mesh compartment and sew the bottom edge of the divider to the lid fabric sealing the two compartments from one another (photo 19).

Photo 19
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Sew the articulation areas at the lid fabric as described in item 27.


To finish the assembly, fold 1/4" inwards around the side and front edges (don't fold the rear edges) and sew.