by Rodney Liwanag


Cut the front panel components according to figure 13. A layout of it together with the side components is shown in photo 15. Start construction by sewing the flat garter at top end of no-see-um mesh as shown in figure 14 and photo 16. Note: the garter is intentionally cut shorter than the top edge of the mesh such that when you sew the mesh assembly onto the front panel, it acts as an elasticized closure system.

Figure 13Photo 15
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Figure 14 Photo 16
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Sew (front) mesh assembly onto front panel starting at the sides. Since the bottom edge of the mesh exceeds the bottom edge of the front panel (in terms of width), you have to make two pleats at the mesh end before sewing it shut to the latter. Then sew the (long violet) 3/4" wide strap that connects with the SR buckle of the lid at the bottom center edge of the assembly. Option: You may want to add some accessory loops to the bottom edge of the previous assembly before sewing it to the bottom panel. I personally used 3 1/2" x 5/8" grosgrain ribbon for the pink loops you see in photo 21 that holds the yellow bungee cord down the front panel.

Photo 21
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